You would always be one of the first people I would say hi to at any event, just because you have always been comforting to me… a friendly face in a sea of people I didn’t know… A friendlier face in a sea of people I did know.   You’ve been my go-to person when... Continue Reading →


May Twitter Round-UP

The power of typography https://twitter.com/_Chelsh/status/991764535131361280 This article was so useful for thinking of ideas for Spread 3. It teachers readers how a simple phrase, such as "hello," can be interpreted definitely, depending on the kind of font you are using your magazine. It provided tips on which types of fonts gave out a certain type... Continue Reading →

This is what’s on my mind

“Do you know what’s worth fighting for?” Me to me when my depression hits hard.    “Baby you look happier, you do.” You know who you are.    “How can Midas put his hands on me again.” You also know who you are.    “I miss the way you make me feel.” The feelings I... Continue Reading →


Mom, every day something happens that I wish I could tell you. Whether it’s something good or bad. Sometimes, it takes a few moments for me to process that you’re no longer here with me. I never got to give you flowers on Mother’s day, I never got to go dress shopping for my prom... Continue Reading →

His potential

  He’s never going to change. You’re not in love with him. If you have to tell him to buy you flowers, you’re not in love with him. If you keep asking him to do something nice for you, you’re not in love with him. If you tag him in pictures of what other boyfriends... Continue Reading →

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